Friday, March 9, 2012

Can I Call it Spring?

It is March after all. We are so ready for spring to be here. How about you?
I think I am going to work on a spring banner for my blog. Because if it says "Spring!" then it should surely be here sooner!

We're riding bikes....

Waiting to till under the cover crop in the garden....

Watching plants and fruit trees bloom...

Planting new crops.... This is Timber's garden. It was part of her birthday present.

Baking chocolate cakes after Amanda shared this recipe..... Anne Bibby, are you reading this? Make this and you'll never give that Pillsbury box a second glance!

And raising baby chicks... This is another part of Timber's birthday present. Meet Daisy. She's a Golden Sex Link. And she's the only chicken we own with a name.
I'm going to go out now and soak up as much of the sun as I can because our 10 day forecast is showing nothing but rain starting tomorrow. Here's to spring coming in right after that!


Preciouspeas said...

After Lindsay's birthday cake, chocolate cake is off limits for me. I too am ready for spring!

Jeanette said...

I just love your blog can I ask do you make all your daughters cloths???

Anonymous said...

Oh spring! Yes, I think it's coming very soon. I thought it might be here, then temps plummeted again. However, they're callling for mid 60's all next week. I wonder if things will start to turn green for us?!?!?!

Love your pictures! Though whomever is on the bike ramp makes me nervous. =)

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Michelle, Well, at least have Anne make this in the future!

Jeanette, I do make some of her clothes but not all of them. :)

Anita, That's our oldest son, Wyatt. We got the ramp from our church. It was out back rotting. My husband has worked on it, expanded it, and is putting up a backing on it. Wyatt really enjoys BMX riding.

Amanda said...

Yes my friend,

You can call it spring!!!!

Aint that cake good?!

My gracious. Looks like yours is something moist:)!!!

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