Sunday, May 1, 2011

the animals commeth

I was going to break this blog post up but then I realized that if I did that, you probably wouldn't see it all for weeks. Especially since we're forecasted to have sun this entire week.
Either spring is actually here or some nice person paid off the weather man to appease me.

My plan then this week is to spend as much time outside as humanly possible soaking up the rays and getting a thing or two done.
We added 4 sweet baby animals to the homestead in the last couple of days. First came the Runner ducks. We have never kept ducks before and I wasn't sure what to expect. You'll have to tell me, are all ducklings super friendly? These two little guys (or gals) are the sweetest little creatures. They seem to love being around people.

They are perfectly content to sit on Layton's legs. Maybe it's because on the way home from the feed store Layton told them, "Don't worry little guys, we're on our way!" and then proceeded to sing them, "You Are My Sunshine."

This is Freddy.

This is Ferdinand. (Names compliments of Layton)

Layton told them he would build them something out of his Legos.

Layton said that he is going to be in charge of taking care of them because he is a good "Farmer Boy." I think that Almanzo Wilder is one of Layton's hero's. (By the way, spell check did not recognize the name Almanzo....what is the world coming to?)

Next, piggies.

Two gilts to be exact. They came home yesterday and while I'm thinking that they're the cutest little things right now, all of that will change in about 4-5 months when they're 220lbs and stinky.

The piggies don't have names. As I've said before, it's better not to name things you're going to eat. Unless you're naming it Pork Chop or Bacon.

The little ones are happy in their new home. The post below has the tour of our little pig barn if you'd like to see it.

These pigs will be ready to butcher come August/September. It's amazing how fast they grow. They're an ideal animal to keep for meat. The time you keep them is relatively short and they grow to produce quite a bit of meat in that time. Two pigs keeps us in pork for about 8-12 months.

I'm keeping full records this time on these two so I'll be able to break down the cost for you after all is cut and wrapped!

Did you add any new animals to your homestead this Spring?

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Leslie said...

oh i thought those little ducks were cute until i saw those piglets. so so cute

teekaroo said...

Animals are so cute when they are small. No animals here. I have to wait a few years for that.

Unknown said...

Such sweet pictures! The little ducklings are so sweet looking!!
(As are the piglets, but I too, agree with only naming animals that are not intended for the table!)

My Mother in Law has one mean chicken, and my husband calls it "Chicken and Dumplings"!

Have a wonderfully blessed Monday!

Unknown said...

Aren't those ducklings just the cutest?? And I'm loving the perfect curl on the piglets' tails.

I just love this time of year! Our barnyard feels like it's bursting and we're not done yet! I think our count is something like 1 cow, 2 hogs, 14 layers, 21 laying chicks, 50 meat chicks, 6 ducks, and 3 kittens. We're going to be getting turkey eggs this week to incubate. Lots of mouths to feed :) Praise God for the abundance!!

Jocelyn said...

We have a goose named Ferdinand. My husband used to give me a hard time about it. "What kind of name is that?" he'd say. Guess I'm not the only one who likes it!

Ducks are easy going. They will get nervous as they get older, though, just be aware. It's part of that breed's personality. They will still be very gentle throughout.

Renata said...

OH those ducklings are just adorable - my children are eager for us to get some, but we probably need to know a little more about their requirements before we do (Dave says we have hundreds on the dams isn't that enough? - not quite the same though :) )
Your piglets are cute also - I know what you mean about names - we have about 5 young roosters almost ready for the chopping block & the kids wanted to name them - I told them only if it's "Roast" or "Drumstick" etc.
Have a great day

FabricFascination said...

Baby ducks are just the cutest!

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