Tuesday, June 22, 2010

when Henny became Kenny

When we got our Buff Orphington chicks this spring they were supposed to all be pullets. We got 6. My favorite one we named Henny. Yeah, I know, not so original for a hen but that's what we called her. As she grew my hubby started to say things like, "She sure looks like a rooster with that big red comb.I think you have a Kenny instead of a Henny." I reminded him that I had bought female birds and that we had had a hen or two (actually maybe 3) before that had large red combs. We even compared her to our older BO hen that also had a bright red comb. "See, I said, Henny is a girl!" Plus she was always the most friendly of all the chicks. She'd run right up and let you pick her up, hold her and kiss her and squeeze her. Well, o.k. we really didn't do all that but she was very sweet. See, I've always looked at a chickens tail feathers as my first tell tale sign that it was a rooster. They start to curve very early on. The problem is Henny didn't have tail feathers.

Yesterday though Wyatt came in and said, "Um, mom there's no doubt about it now."
See photo below.

Notice anything growing around Henny's lower leg????

Oh well, so much for having all hens. I got to thinking about it and it really is a blessing that she is actually a he. We wanted to get a BO rooster in about a year. I was dreading having to raise baby chicks again but now I'm not going to have to!

I am still having problems though addressing him as a "him." I go out to the chickens and still call, "Come on girl." I hope I don't give him a complex.


Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

I have a couple hens that have HUGE wattles & combs, and a couple that have the likings of spur growths. Neither of those qualities give a rooster away, necessarily, but I'm looking at those saddle & tail feathers. He sure is handsome!!!

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Really? You have hens with spurs? I don't think I've ever seen that... or at least I didn't pay attention! Which could certainly be the case. :)

Unknown said...

This week I named all those kittens we got thinking they were girls. The vet informed me yesterday that they are all boys! How, 40 + after years of having cats did I get THAT wrong? Back to the drawing board for names.

Hope Kenny is as nice all grown up as he was when he was Henny.

Kim said...

We had a BO rooster....he was very sweet! And he was supposed to be a "she". One day, he met a coyote and invited him into the coop for a nice Sunday dinner. Very sad.

Cindy said...

What a beautiful "Kenny" :) I am really happy that you got the type of rooster that you wanted. We are working hard on trying to figure out who are girls and who are boys. The boys are going under the knife Saturday, so it would be good to figure it out.

I'll look for the spurs. I forgot about that clue. Thanks

Terry @ La Bella Vie said...

Oh what a fun post! When I retire I will be raising chickies and these just are adorable as is your blog! Glad I came across you and I am now a follower. The quilt block on the barn is what caught my eye, I love it!

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

Not with spurs, just the bumps like what your (confused, LOL) chicken has :D

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Oh, o.k. well, I checked all the other hens and none of them have that large of bumps. I really don't mind if it turns out a hen or rooster I'd just like to know for sure!! :)

Terry- Thanks for coming by and following along! :)

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Good luck with all those kittens Amy! I've always loved "Baxter" for a boy kitty!

Anonymous said...

ha ha... out of our 6 new chickens this Spring, we've ended up with 5 hens.
Our 2 little White Rocks were definitely starting to look a bit different from each other. One has began to grow a comb and spurs. Oh, well. I always like chicken dinner.

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