Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a handmade Christmas

This Christmas (yes, I'm already planning) I'm trying to do mostly handmade gifts. I thought that maybe I could rack some of your brains for ideas! Here's what I already have so far:
Canned goods (i.e. jams, pie fillings, tuna, cakes)
Aprons for the ladies
a quilt or two
possibly some handmade kitchen towels (if I get my toweling from Moda in time)
baked goodies
What else can I do? I know that there are thousands of options out there. I certainly need a few things for the men folk. What are some handmade things that you'll be giving this year?


Dee said...

What a wonderful idea...table runners...potholders and coasters...small fabric baskets to hold useful things in...canning jars layered in the ingredients necessary for the recipe on the card can get really crafty and creative on the recipe cards...home made candles...stationary or cards made up for different occasions and tied with a pretty ribbon...monogrammed stationary or cards...painted flower pots with bulbs and planting directins included...crochete pot scrubbers...home made candy...just google homemade gifts and homemade Christmas gifts and you'll get tons of wishes!

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Oooh, I love the pots and bulbs idea! :)

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

that picture is stunning!

one year, my mom and i made all the guys in our family some camoflauge-fleece neck and face masks.
it's like a stocking hat but comes down over the neck with an opening for the face. They loved them! All of our guys are hunters and fishermen so these were perfect for those cool mornings in the woods.

Evelyn Fields said...

I just made Jalapeno Jelly that is a great Christmas Gift. You can add red & green food coloring to different batches or just use red or green peppers & you have a nice Christmas colored gift.

Lynette said...

Thanksgiving weekend I'm getting my craft on and making all the gifts for everyone this year...but I'm stumped on Wyatt...any suggestions? (Remember I don't sew:P) If I can't come up with anything else, I'll make him what I'm making all the boys...Treasure Boxes (for special stuff their siblings need to keep out of) decopaged with their favorite things on them.

Leslie said...

i was thinking about making some pretty re-usable grocery bags and perhaps some homemade laundry detergent.

Bobbi Jo said...

Gorgeous picture! Is that your property? I've been thinking about doing a few of those penant banners for the younger ones, super hero capes for the boys, and maybe a tote for the women. You can never have enough bags:) I like the idea of doing table runners/place mats.

Jerilyn said...

Well, I don't have any ideas to add especially as I usually just buy stuff for the guys in my life. Once I made a scarf for Sean but a man usually only needs one scarf and that's it (especially in warm California)!!!! So, I am curious if any of your readers come up with suggestions on men! But thanks for the post as it has given me lots of ideas! :)

Jerilyn said...

Okay, maybe I do have an idea! Have you checked out the SewMamaSew Blog? They have so many ideas and tutorials on gifts. Here is their website:
There is even a section on handmade holidays. :)

eva said...

SUPER super.... christmas lights on the barn & silo!!

I LOVE it...

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