Thursday, April 16, 2009


Spring is such a new birth of all things good! I'm hoping and praying that by next weekend (the 25th) I can share some news with all of you that we have baby chicks! Our bantam hen decided that she would be the one to sit on the eggs. So here she sits, patiently waiting for the arrival of a pretty mutt selection of babies. She is currently sitting on 7 eggs, randomly laid by all 4 of our hens. And hopefully fertilized by one cross bred rooster. So, basically we'll end up with a bunch of pound pups, er, chicks, if any. All I can say is that, if no chicks hatch then it sure was a waste of 7 eggs.Other things have begun to grow as well. Our Santa Rosa Plum is loaded with plums this year, as is our Shiro. That means tons and tons of fresh plums to eat and jars and jars of jam to can!Our peas are also slowly making their entrance into the world.The Romaine lettuce is up and growing and a kind lady that Gavin worked for last week gave us a few tomato starts to try out. Those are Gavin's tomatoes. He now has 4 plants that he is taking care of. Don't get me wrong, that man can garden with the best of them, but I tend to get a little selfish with the garden deeming it "mine." Gavin also tilled up our side garden last week and we planted trial corn. I call it "trial" just because it's not in the main garden and it certainly won't get as much tending to. It was just the result of an overflow of seed and a little bit of room.

Gavin also got some extra sand for the kids to play in while I garden.

All in all, great things growing and fun stuff happening! Hope that you all are having a great week too!

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Cheryl said...

we wanted to start garden this year but didn't get it going in time... Florida has an early growing season. We're going to start on the beds so we'll be ready this year!

These are all great!

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