Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Big Accomplishments!

The kids have been growing faster than I'd like these days! Timber is already crawling all over the place and just weeks away from pulling herself up onto things. Before I know it she'll be walking! She is sleeping through the night now which is giving me a much better nights rest.

Layton is talking up a storm, repeating everything that anyone says (gotta watch out for that!) and is counting to 6 and learning the letters of the alphabet! He is also FINALLY nubby free. His "nubby" was his pacifier and I thought he would never let that thing go. I didn't want taking it away to be a fight or a horrible experience for him so I just let him have it. I figured he'd either get rid of it on his own or by the time he was 3 I'd be able to talk more to him about it and why we'd be taking it away. Thankfully about 2 weeks ago he was fussing and when I asked him if he wanted his "nubby" he said "no,no" :0 What?????????????? Did my pacifier loving child just say that he didn't want it?????? I took that as my cue and that was the end of the pacifier. I had it on hand in case things went too far south but he did an amazing job of letting it go and I now don't have one single pacifier in my home! (Timber never really liked hers anyway and gave hers up at about 6.5months.)

It just amazes me how fast the babies change- getting bigger and older. So terrific and so sad at the same time!

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