Sunday, April 18, 2010

making cream cheese

Cream cheese, even organic, from the store has been heated and does not contain any live enzymes. Making your own cream cheese at home is probably easier than you thought!Take as much raw milk as you'd like, pour into a jar and let it stand on your kitchen counter for 1-4 days (until it separates.) Once separation occurs, pour the milk over a dishcloth-lined strainer that it placed over a bowl (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of that step!)
Let the cultured milk strain. This will remove the whey from the milk. Put your whey into a jar and keep it in the fridge to use for things like soaking grains, additional whey for your kefir, etc. Whey helps in the digestion of food.Then take your dishcloth and tie it up over a wooden spoon. Place the spoon over a large bowl and let sit until the last of the whey stops dripping. You want to make sure all the whey is removed. Once it has stopped dripping you can pull the cheese out and place it into a jar- and viola! ready to use cream cheese!


Unknown said...

That is easy! Almost like making soft cheese. (Your milk is a give away that you live in CA! We must be practically neighbors! Did I know this, but just forgot?)

Kim said...

Heather, you are my hero. Thank you for this! :)

Gail said...

Thank you for sharing how to do this! I will have to go down to the Amish dairy this week and get some more milk and try this. I have never tried making cream cheese before.
Blessings to you from Kansas!

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