Saturday, September 29, 2012

The End and The Why

As if you haven't noticed, this blog has been neglected. I really am not spending the time posting. Not because I don't think about it. Actually, it's quite the opposite. I see something or do something that where I think, "This would be a good blog post." Like the other day, I made distilled rose water. I used my canning pot and made a distillery to create this wonderfully aromatic water from our organic rose petals growing out by the garden. I thought about snapping all the photos and making up the post but then I wondered, "When would I do that? Do I even have the time to do that?"

So, in short, this blog will be ceasing and I'm going to spend my time doing things like:

Spending time in the Word.
Digging the rest of the potatoes and onions.
Schooling my children.
Keeping a house that my husband is glad to come home to.
Tending animals.
Butchering turkeys and hogs.
Writing letters of encouragement to friends.
Taking hikes.
Going fishing.
Taking walks and bike rides with my children.
Volunteering where needed.
Baking our daily bread.
Keeping up on the business bookwork.
Being the example that I want my children to grow up to be.

And not wasting my time being idle on the computer. It will be for the benefit of my children, the benefit of my husband and the benefit of my relationship with the Lord.

Thank you to everyone who has followed along all these years. Those of you who have made kind comments and those of you whom I'd count among friends now. It has been a blessing to me and I pray that it has been one to you as well. You ladies that manage your homes, and raise children, and farms and still have the time to blog everyday or even a couple times a week amaze me! It's just not where I am right now though. And so I'll say farewell to you wonderful readers. Blessing to you abundantly!

In Christ,


Holly said...

I'm sad to see you go :( but I really understand! I'm seeing a lot of this with homesteaders in the movement to simplify and get closer to where we're supposed to be. Do you plan on leaving your blog up or deleting it? I've referenced to some of your past post before and enjoy them. I'm sure others could benefit from them also. I would really love to keep in touch with you, I would love to have a good old' fashioned pen pal if you're interested. If so please email me at Blessings to you and your family as y'all head out on this next chapter of your lives!

Unknown said...

Praying you are blessed in all that you do! I'm in the same place as you are...and am finding my time online shorter and shorter. Home and family, relationships and doing what we need to to keep it all going well.

Anonymous said...

Awe...I'm truly happy for you! I've let some things go too and while they have been hard decisions, I've had to say, I don't regret it. We really can waste a lot of time online...something I'm guilty of. I know your step of faith is an encouragement to each of us to walk in a right direction!

God bless you and yours!

Unknown said...

I have loved reading your blog....I'm glad to hear that you are doing what your heart is telling you to. I pray that blessings would continue to flow in your home. Take Care and thank you for all the information you put in your posts.

Thank you.


Unknown said...

While sad to for us, I'm glad for you! It's good to know if it is not the right season in life for something and have the courage and patience to wait and be content with the season you're in NOW. Your children will only be young once!

Blessings as you walk in your calling as wife and mother! I know you won't be far and you'll always be a kindred spirit! :-)

ktquilts said...

Blessings! Your blog has been great, but I trust in the Lord's will and calling for your life.

Linda C, said...


We are in Tahoe reading your last blog. Sure have enjoyed it especailly the pictures of the children. You now will have to e-mail us the new pictures you take. We sure love them.

Love to everyone ! :)

Linda C, said...

I saw my posting and I am not Linda C. I do not know where that came from. It could be from the computer I am using at the place we are staying.


Pam O'Brien said...

Aw, man! I just happily discovered your blog 5 minutes ago and was delighted by the wealth of information and tips to be gleaned here. You'll keep the blog, "live" though, so we can enjoy the archives?
Bless you as you tend to the more important things...

Linda Stubbs said...

Hello Heather, you will be so missed! I do understand though! Just be sure to come back when you can and please let us know if you do! If you don't.......we will meet in Heaven!

Hugs, Linda

Preciouspeas said...

I cannot even express how much our family has been blessed by meeting your family because of your blog. We look forward to many more years spending time together.

Renata said...

Hi Heather
Thank you for all the work you've put into this blog ~ I've thoroughly enjoyed reading it when I can slip away from real life for a while ( which doesn't happen often these days). May God bless you as you continue to follow Him on the path He's given you!

Kim said...

Heather~I can honestly say that I've "met" a lot of people via the internet, and you, my friend, are one of the best. I will miss you, but I know that you are doing what you've been called to do. May God bless you abundantly as you seek to do His will.

But, I really will miss you! And if you're ever up this way...;)


Unknown said...

I am so proud of you for knowing what is best for you and your family and being able to slow down & disconnect. You continue to be an example & blessing to us through your decision.

The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.

Deb said...

will miss reading your blog, very nice, take care and God bless.

Michele said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog and will miss your posts as well. Many blessing on this new season in your life!

Petra said...

sad to see you leave but you have got to do what you feel you must. Gods blessings!

Gmama Jane said...

Wisdom to discern God's Will in your life at different seasons is a gift and a Blessing. Family is the foundation God uses to pass on His principals to the younger Generation. Pray that you will seek God's wisdom each day to help you deflect those things that will distract you from creating balance in the life of you and your family. It's all about BALANCE.
I have raised 3 godly children and now have 5 grandchildren as a reward. I HAD to work while my children were little( I am a retired teacher) but now I am blessed to be a stay at home Grandmama. My children have grown up well in-spite of my working outside the home but I can honestly say I would have loved to have been a stay at home mother.
Gmama Jane

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