Saturday, October 29, 2011

When a Quilter Destashes

I went through a fabric cabinet of mine this morning and decided to destash. I thought I'd share with my blog readers before listing all this on Etsy. If you're interested leave me a comment here or email me. First come, first serve. Thanks!
All fabric measurements are the inches given by 42" or 44" depending on the manufacturer, unless otherwise noted. No fabrics have been washed. All prices are for the fabric only, shipping will be added depending on where you live. I accept PayPal for purchases.

1. Heather Ross, 36" horses on green from West Hill, other prints are scraps $8

2. Strawberry Delight by Fabric Freedom, black 23", strawberry 21", green floral 21", red solid 11", $8

3. Building Blocks- American Jane for Moda, 2 cuts- 74" and 43", $18 SOLD

4. Honeycomb Harvest- Moda, 5 charm packs, 1 jelly roll, beehive print 112" , vine print 74", $65 SOLD

5. It's Snowing- Moda, Squares and circles 36", snowflakes 36", candy cane 19", dots on red 43", 1 panel with 8 snowman squares, plus 1 yd of Candy Stripe from Marcus Fabrics, $25

6. Traditions Collection For A Cause Fat Quarter Bundle for Moda- 40 Ft Qts, $55 SOLD

7. Michael Miller- horseshoes on Red 28", cow print 30", retro cowgirls 29"x38", blue bandanna 30", plus Moda red/blue letters 14", $13 Sale Pending

I hope someone can use some of this! If you feel any of the prices are too high, I'd be glad to consider offers.

Really. Make me an offer, I want this stuff gone! :)

**I forgot to add that I have 1 Peace on Earth Charm Pack (50 sqs) for $5 and 3 Hemming House Wovens Charm Packs (19?sqs each) $6 for all. HH Wovens- SOLD All charm packs are from Moda. I didn't take pictures though. If you need one, I can email it to you or you can search the collections on Google.**


Becky said...

I am interested in the Hemmings House wovens. How do I get you paid?

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Sorry, I forgot to mention that! I take PayPal.
And Becy, if you want them, they're yours!

goatldi said...

Do you know how rude this is to do to a woman who quilts, spins, weaves, knits and is moving to a house with less storage than the one we are now in? THANKS!

Mountain Home Quilts said...

LOL- Sorry! :) Hey, there is always room for fabric! ;)

Bonnie K said...

Nice stash!

Leah Spencer said...

I just keep coming back to the Honeycomb Harvest set... I even mentally designed up a simple quilt to use up the rolls and charm squares. Hmm, hmm, hmm. It'd sure look nice on my couch. Hmm. This is the third time I've come back to your blog!

What pattern did you have in mind for that fabric?

Gah, I just need to cave. I'll take it. :)

goatldi said...

yes, that is the same reasoning I have used with goats. if I bring in new animals as long as they look like the others DH won't notice. somehow I think with fabric it isn't going to work. next time! back to packing.

Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said...

Hey Heather-
I've been trying to reply to your comments through e-mail and they won't deliver. Just wanted to let you know I shipped your package! Sorry it was late. Take care. ♥ Erin

Leslie said...

i am interested in that American jane...have you had any other takers?

mary manulkin said...

I know this is an older post but by any chance do you still have the heather Ross west hill horses anymore? Mostly need green but I'll take them all if you still have them!

Mountain Home Quilts said...

I do. If you'd like them, please email me at

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