Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving MPM

This is going to be one crazy week at the homestead. My folks are driving up today (as I type) and are staying for a week. Tomorrow is Wyatt's knee surgery. Thursday is Thanksgiving which equals, spending all day in the kitchen. (Wait, how is that different than most days?) Any other spare time this week will be spent working on the pig barn. We have "Swine Lake" in the pig pen right now and it's not pretty.

My menu plan is a little different this week. I can already tell that it's gonna be a doozy seeing as last night I forgot to soak our oatmeal. Looks like we're having eggs this morning......good thing we have over 3 dozen in our fridge!

Eggs and spouted toast
Tomato soup and grilled cheese
Whole Roasted Chicken, peasant bread, broccoli

Soaked Oatmeal
Brown rice cakes with peanut butter and raw honey, sliced bananas
Whatever my mom makes! (We'll be out of town for Wyatt's surgery)

Soaked Oatmeal
Chicken and brown rice soup
Lasagna, peasant bread, green salad with homemade dressing

Soaked Oatmeal
Mini Pizzas with sliced apples
Thanksgiving Dinner (with homestead organic, grass fed turkeys!)

Soaked oatmeal
Peanut butter and jam sandwiches, sliced apple, yogurt
Thanksgiving leftovers

Soaked Oatmeal
Tuna Sandwiches with apples
Chicken Pot Pies

Eggs, uncured bacon, buttermilk biscuits, gravy
Leftover sandwiches, yogurt
Venison Roast, baked potatoes, green salad with homemade dressing

Remember, if you ever have any questions about my meal plan or the food specifically, leave a comment and I'll be sure to respond.
May you have w onderful, blessed Thanksgiving!


Unknown said...

What a great plan. We had eggs this morning too. You sure have a busy week. I hope each day is a blessed one.

Unknown said...

Just wanted to stop by and say Happy Thanksgiving and praying the surgery is a breeze! We have so much to be grateful for and our health and ability to homestead is certainly near the top of the list.

teekaroo said...

We had eggs this morning too! Love your meal plans.

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