Monday, January 25, 2010

a new look

I'm in the mood for change (which isn't often!) so I thought I'd freshen up my blog! There are still a few kinks I'd like to work out so it may be changing a little more in the next week or so.
Today is Monday and I'm going to try and:

Go to town
Bake bread
Do laundry
Entertain my kiddos
Work on business stuff/finances
Keep the house from turning into tornado alley
Try and stay sane

What do you have planned for today?


CyndeJo said...

Nice new look,
have a great day, hope you accomplish your list!

Leslie said...

like the changes!! the blog looks great.

now that the power is back on at our house i am going to teach school(we have already been to a homeschool american girl tea party this morning), try to do some laundry, finish my quilt...make some dinner

sounds fun huh? looks much like your list.

Bobbi Jo said...

LOVE the new look!!!

lindsey said...

Heather, you've posted a few times about the things you need to get done in a day or something along those lines. Your list always amazes me and even more amazing to me is that you ACTUALLY do it. LOL!!! I always think about what I need to do but I rarely speak it out loud because then I don't get it done. Have a great day friend.

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