Wednesday, September 9, 2009

wednesday randomness

1. Do you know that by baby #3, you don't keep up on "how pregnant" you are? I just looked at my little pregnancy ticker here on my blog and went, "No, way, I'm over 33wks pregnant?" Who knew? Which is totally different from baby #1 where anyone could ask you and you'd promptly respond, "I'm 22wks and 4 days pregnant."

2. The whole Kate and John thing is really getting aggravating to me. And we don't even have TV. What in the world makes these folks so special? I honestly am sick of seeing them all over the internet and in the magazines in the check out lines. I feel horrible for them that their marriage fell apart. But really, what do you expect after subjecting your family to reality TV? I don't side with one over the other because I don't personally know them but really, does he have to go bashing his wife on TV? What kind of father does that? IMO, a pretty lousy one.

3. I am tired of canning. Have I already said that? I know it will be such a benefit this winter when work is slow for Gavin so I press on but if I could, I'd just give it up, for this year, right now.

4. I don't think I've shared that we finally decided on a baby boy name!!! Mason Allen. We actually decided a while ago and I just forgot to share. Anyway, I can't wait for him to be here! :)

5. I am so excited about hunting season. Why? I'm not really sure. My hunting days are pretty much over for the next 8 years anyway. But I still get excited when Gavin goes and can't wait to see what he comes home with. Opening weekend is only 10 days away!!

6. I wish I could take a nap today.

7. I love my kids. ♥

8. I love my husband. ♥

9. I love my Jesus. ♥

10. I guess I'm done being random.


Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

Great list! and what a nice name you've chosen for your new guy!

Bobbi Jo said...

Thanks for the sweet note on my blog:-) I will be checking out your etsy shop- I only own a few quilts (made with love from a friend) but would love to start adding to the collection. Your garden looks amazing! This was our first year planting one and its been such a joy. How fun it is to populate the earth... :-) Hope your pregnancy is going well and good luck with the home stretch! (We're) almost there, thank goodness.

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