Sunday, September 6, 2009

how many is too many?

When it comes to pictures of my kids I really, honestly try not to bombard all of you with as many pictures as I actually take. But this afternoon was just too fun and really, my daughter is just loving the camera right now so I have to share.....
I really think that if she wasn't wearing a dress and her hair was shorter she could be mistaken for a little boy. Granted, she is my first and only girl but do all little girls get this messy? Gavin's comment was, "The picture would be cuter if her face wasn't so dirty!" But with 2 brothers to keep up with, you gotta give the gal a little room to be messy!

And yes, I know it's amazing.....another picture of me! Thankfully this was not too long after church so I'm a little more done up. Plus my cold seems to be subsiding- finally.Green beans. They're coming out my ears!! Tomorrow starts another week of canning. Corn, pears and more green beans!

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lindsey said...

I think she looks adorable with her dirty little face. Sarah usually has one to match. I just made a batch of hot dilly beans with some green beans my friend let me pick out of her garden. They were so good.

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