Monday, August 30, 2010

here comes the rain

It's raining here today. Well, maybe more like sprinkling but it's wet enough that the ground is visibly wet. The benefit: I don't have to water the garden. The drawback: It's been so damp in the mornings anyway, I'm struggling with mold on the green beans. This weekend, while it was sunny, I was able to capture a few good pictures.

Our freak carrots this year...

New wax beans starting to push through

One of my most favorite parts of the garden...Sunflowers! Just getting ready to bloom.

Plum tomatoes starting to ripen

Mason eating dirt while waiting for me to finish taking pictures. Good thing it's organic dirt.

Gavin working on clearing the back part of the property. There is much more to clear but he got a start on it yesterday. He spent about a half hour with the Bobcat pulling out trees and leveling the brush. We were talking afterwards about how much time that would have taken without heavy equipment. I do not envy the folks that had to clear their land by hand so long ago. We're not sure what we're going to do with this space that we'll have cleared but our first thought is to get our miniature Jersey. While we would love to move to more property ASAP the reality is that we still have a ways to go before we are financially ready to do so. But, we really want our own source of milk too. It's going to take a while to clear, especially with our rainy season right around the corner, but we'll work on it slowly.

And lastly, chickens. I think I'm addicted to chickens. Does anyone else feel like that? I love having them. I could get more and more and more and more but I told Gavin that I'd limit our flock to 10 while we live here.


KaHolly said...

When it's wet out of doors, you don't feel so badly about being in the house doing thing! Your garden looks great, I'm envious. Wouldn't mind growing a little Mason or two in MY garden....he's a cutie. ~karen

Anonymous said...

woke up to rain this morning here.
The boys have football practice and they always love getting muddy and gross! I don't look forward to a muddy laundry room and having to wash the clothes after practice. uughh.

I have 12 chickens right now, which is about my limit. I don't think I'd go over 14. Because of space in the hen house.
But I do love them! Our little barred rocks are laying now. Cute little brown eggs.

Leslie said...

we could use some rain...your carrots are huge and funny!!! love the chickens...i would love to have some but you can't keep them where i live.

Christy said...

I feel that way about the chickens too! Just love them!

Anonymous said...

The garden looks amazing! I don't have a garden, but love fresh produce, so I support local farmers. =)

Love the baby eating dirt...I have a picture of my son with it all over his face!

Christa said...

It's raining here in Tennessee too. I love it!
One of my friends from church raises miniature Jerseys. I had never heard of them until they started raising them this last year.



Brenda said...

That is one huge carrot! I just started following your blog and love reading it. My son is a chicken fanatic. I have helped him hatch and raise them. He has about 65 chickens right now. I love to take pics and draw the little chicks. They fascinate me. There is nothing that compares to holding something so small. He likes to raise different breeds. It is so nice to have fresh eggs!

You Can Call Me Jane said...

Your gardens, chickens and babes are just lovely.

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