Sunday, November 14, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I've been inspired. By a few different ladies. Menu planning.

I've actually been menu planning (half way) for over a year. I was planning our dinners but that was it. I've been encouraged though to plan all meals now. I'm not sure why I didn't do it before? Menu planning has always been helpful for me at dinner so why not at breakfast and lunch too? I was so organized in the afternoons preparing for dinner but at breakfast and lunch I was always scurrying around wondering, "What can I make? What do I have?"

Menu planning not only helps me to be more organized at home (which is something I can seriously lack once in a while) but it helps me grocery shop so that I'm making less trips to town. Less trips=saved money. Less time, less gas.

This sweet lady gave me the idea to plan my kids lunches. I have the week planned out and we eat the same thing every week. Easy for me, easy for the kids. She also inspired me with these.

Here's my meal plan for this week:

Soaked Oatmeal
Tomato soup and grilled cheese
Hash, buttermilk biscuits, home canned green beans, sauteed mushrooms

Soaked Oatmeal
Rice cakes with peanut butter and raw honey, sliced bananas
Chicken and Dumpling Soup

Soaked Oatmeal
Chicken and brown rice soup with carrots
Pork Chops, spinach raviolis, homemade applesauce

Soaked Oatmeal
Mini pizzas with homemade buns, sliced apples
Spaghetti, peasant bread, green salad

Soaked Oatmeal
Peanut butter and jam sandwiches, sliced apples, whole milk yogurt
BBQ chicken, baked potatoes, home canned corn

Soaked Oatmeal
Tuna sandwiches with apples
Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, canned corn, cornbread

Soaked Pancakes, uncured bacon, maple syrup
Meatloaf sandwiches
Venison roast with potatoes and carrots, peasant bread

As you can see, we eat a lot of oatmeal for breakfast. We like it and it's easy. I'm thankful that I don't have a picky family to feed. Over the next few months I'll try to get up as many recipes as I can so that you can link to them if you'd like to try them out. I always love trying someone's tried and true recipe. It rules out the question, "Will this even be good??!"


StitchinByTheLake said...

I'd love to know what you mean by soaked oatmeal...haven't heard of it before. I used to plan my menus like that when the kids were home. Now that it's just the two of us we don't plan ahead nearly as much! blessings, marlene

Laura Lane said...

I'm with Marlene.
How do you make soaked oatmeal?
Why do you soak it?

I'm organized like that the week of holidays; but, not every week. I don't know why I've not thought of it. I like the idea of keeping weekday lunches and breakfasts super simple.

Laura of Harvest Lane

KaHolly said...

Menu planning is particularly good for someone like me who doesn't enjoy cooking!

Leslie said...

menu planning saves us so much money. it is fun to see what someone else is going to make.

Anonymous said...

as i was reading your menu plan I was wondering why you ate soaked oatmeal every day. but you answered my ? at the end of your post. My kids go through phases about what they like for breakfast. sometimes it's cream of wheat, then waffles, then bagels with cream cheese. they will go for a couple weeks wanting the same thing and then it changes again. right now my boys are wanting english muffins with cheese and a fried egg.
who knows what the next "fad" will be!?

hope you all are settling into Fall ok? is everybody feeling all right?

the topic of headcovering came up in my Sunday school class yesterday. it's very interesting to hear peoples opinions on it. some thought it was for the culture back then (but you and I already talked about that idea). some thought it depends on how God moves on each woman's heart (I agree) and still others had never even thought about it. I just kinda sat back and listened to the ideas bounce around the room.
It does seem to be a very misunderstood topic.

well take care, Heather. have a great day!

teekaroo said...

I've had a "meal plan Monday" post brewing up. Looks like I'm not the only one. I need to plan beyond dinner too.

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