Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Katie's Mercantile

There's a shop in Mount Morris, New York, population 4,500, called Katie's Mercantile. I wanted to share a little about this shop with you today because I truly love shopping there. Shopping there??! Aren't you in California? Do you own your own jet? That I do not, but I do have a computer and I do have a phone and if I did live in NY you can bet I'd be making trips to the actual brick and mortar shop! I place my orders via the telephone and I have been more than impressed by their friendly customer service and well made garments.

"Our family friendly cottage industry features ready made, practical, modest clothing. Run by mother and daughter farm wives, we try to provide helpful customer service and quality garments at reasonable prices."

The statement above was taken from their online shop home page. And it's true! If you make a call to them, the sweet voice you'll hear on the other end is Cindy. She is extremely knowledgeable and one of the nicest people I've ever spoken to at a business. She'll be glad to help you "find" the perfect item.

The seamstresses at Katie's mercantile do an amazing job. All of the garments I have purchased have been made with high quality fabrics and have been perfectly sewn.

Whether you're looking for plain clothing like this basic dress:
(Available for both women and girls.)
Or if you're just looking for a good quality skirt or apron at a reasonable price. What homesteading woman doesn't love a good apron? And we're not talking about one type of generic apron- they have a wide selection! Here are a few of my personal favorites.

Each time I've received a package from them, I've always been impressed. There was a time that what I'd ordered didn't fit. No problem, the ladies at Katie's Mercantile want you to be happy with what you've purchased so they're more than willing to accept returns or exchanges to make it right. I know first hand.

See something that you like on their site but want your own custom version of it? They're happy to oblige! That's one of the great benefits of a family run business. This isn't some factory churning out the same dress after dress after dress. This is ladies sitting down at a machine and hand creating a piece just for you!

Not only do they carry dresses, skirts and aprons, but dolls, syrups, quilts, jams and jellies, clothing for expecting mom's and babies, head coverings, swimsuits.....and the list goes on!

This really is a fantastic shop and I hope that you'll take some time to check it out. They have made a lifelong customer out of me! Thanks ladies!

You can find them on Facebook here. Also, if you're in the NY state area they'll be having an open house on May 14 from 1pm-4:30pm.

For reference, their website is always on my list of links on the left hand column.

*This is an honest review based on my experience with the above shop. It is not a paid endorsement. I'm more than happy to share reviews of products or services that I find useful.*


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this site. I am going to look closer at it when I have some time. It looks really neat.

FabricFascination said...

It truly is a small world Heather. I used to live in Mount Morris while going to college in Geneseo. The town is right on the edge of beautiful Letchworth Park too, which is called the Grand Canyon of the East.

Melissa Carr said...

Thank you for sharing this site. I'm truly in awe! May have to make a detour trip next time I travel to New Hampshire!

Just One said...

I think they actually live outside of the small town of Mt. Morris, 7 miles or so, in an even more rural area. I drive by there pretty regularly (I live less than 30 miles away which is close in this area) and note that their sign says Bake shop too :) Mt. Morris has had some interesting write-ups lately in the New York Times. There is a fellow that wants to revitalize the main street and he is putting his money where his mouth is. A friend who has a young family and little money recently somehow got a mortgage approved for their first home with this guy. I am thankful for the link too, never would have guessed that this side road had an interesting hometown business.

Renata said...

What a fantastic site! I love the big aprons - they would be so handy!
Hmmm... maybe we need something like that over here!

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