Tuesday, February 9, 2010

a day in pictures

A little glimpse. In no particular order.
Making and eating yummy muffins for breakfast.

Trying to contain a almost 2 year old in the kitchen.

Laundry to be folded and more to come.
Changing a lot of these. Yes, I know they're sposies but at this point with 3 little ones and all the loads of laundry for the 6 of us, cloth just hasn't happened!
Making more applesauce.
Working on taxes.
Trying to drink some of this.
Being jealous of my hubby enjoying the sunshine!
Doing this around 4pm- for the first time in the day.
Shooing Roundy out of the house once again.
Kneading bread for dinner.


Cathy said...

LOL about Roundy!!! I am such a city girl, because I can't even imagine having to shoo a chicken out of my house. She would love me though, because I am a vegetarian and have been one for years. Would love some homemade bread and would love to see that darling girl in person.

KaHolly said...

Whew!! I'm exhausted just reading your post! You've spent a busy day. Are they always like that? ~karen

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

just another day in paradise, right!?
i was shooing chickens off the deck yesterday... they haven't come in the house yet.
made bread yesterday also.
you actually got to brush your teeth by 4:00... you lucky girl!! ha ha
our lives are so much alike.

Leslie said...

this looks like a really wonderful day!!! those yummy muffins and adorable kids...and a chicken in the house!? that is the best

lindsey said...

Heather, this post made me laugh so hard. I am so with you on the chaos of your life, but those moments you captured with pictures are the best. Life is crazy at my house and I haven't added the chickens yet...I'm sure they will make it here before or at the same time as little Ava.

Bobbi Jo said...

Fun post! Thanks for sharing:)

Anonymous said...

I love it! and your little man is tanking right up! Soooo precious...reminds me of my little guy...but he's five now. =( You're one busy Mama!

Dee said...

and here I am shooing kids out of the house!

thanks for sharing your wonderfilled life!

Lynette said...

Is that the same chicken who would sneak in when we were there last? LOL!

Southern Belle Mama said...

Looks like a busy day at your house! :) Also, that applesauce looks delicious!

Thanks for stopping by...and please come back tomorrow (I may need your help...posting about biscuit making and it looks like you might know something about that!)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Just another day doing stuff that you'll,probably, never see the importance of...this side of the veil.
Keep the faith. Faith and love is what carries us through to Jesus.

Pokey said...

Thanks for sharing your day, I enjoyed the pace. It's nice to see a bit of home in the country. Hope your Pastor's wife is doing better?

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