Monday, May 4, 2009

update central....

All right! I'm here and I'm updating! Time for pics of the chicks and the kids and the garden. Plus, you wouldn't believe what I did today?!!!! I actually broke out the sewing machine and sewed!!! No really, I'm serious. I think it has been since March- or maybe just before since I actually used my machine. That is so incredibly sad but other things have just kept me so incredibly busy. Plus, I want to focus on selling the quilts I have in my shop before adding more.

Layton is getting a toddler bed next month- my folks got a great used one off of Craigslist- so I worked on the quilt for his bed. I just ordered the fabric for the border so it should be here next week. Then I can get to work on quilting it. I'm hoping to have it done before we go down and visit my folks so that when we come back we can set up the bed and get him out of his crib- which we will then use for the new baby!

Layton and Timber

The workings of Layton's new quilt

The chicks are already getting so big. I'm embarrassed that I don't have more shots of them! I am keeping my fingers crossed that the little whitish yellow one is a pullet!

And here's the progress on the garden...



Just to name a few! :)

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