Sunday, May 17, 2009

so blessed

The Lord has done amazing things for us this weekend. It was like He just felt like giving us a weekend long Christmas. And how grateful we are for it all. Since Friday we have a acquired a "new to us" oven, a like brand spankin' new freezer, a little wagon for the kids, and a play set! All for the total cost of $50!!! Some of it was obviously free, like the play set that was donated to us by our neighbors who's kids are too big to use it any longer.
Now who wouldn't love a weekend like that? And who wouldn't love a Lord that gives so generously and freely? Thank you Jesus!!!
Here are some shots of the new gadgets!
The new play set. It's not set up all the way because we'll be moving it to another location on the property.

Our new stove. It is so nice to have an oven again. Oooh, and the oven light works on this one. I know that sounds dumb but I am thrilled to be able to look into my oven without having to open it. That was one of the greatest ideas ever to put a light into an oven!

Our new freezer! Now we can get rid of the old chest freezer we have. We got the old freezer for free and believe me, there was a reason for that! :)

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CyndeJo said...

Praise the Lord for how he provides for out needs. This is so wonderful, thankyou for sharing!

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