Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I hear chirping!! That means we've got at least one chick! He or she is still under mama and will be for a bit so no pics yet. I'm hoping that over the next day or two all the other eggs will hatch too. Pray for pullets!!!
*******Update as of 4/23, I see 5 heads. So we have at least 5 chicks. Hopefully the last two are just being shy. So far, 4 black colored ones and one so sweet yellow one!**********
******Update 4/24, There are 6 chicks. 5 black and 1 yellowish/white. They are up and moving around. Somehow there are still 3 eggs left in the nest that did not hatch- which is weird. I swear that I counted 7 eggs that she was laying on. I don't think the chance of twin chicks is high, is it? I must have miscounted somehow and there were actually 9 eggs. Kind of a bummer that 3 of them didn't hatch but that's o.k. I'm hoping to get at least 2 hens out of the six. The rest we'll sell to the feed store in town. We're moving our hen and chicks to a little coop today that will house them for a couple months. The boxes in our main coop are about 4 feet off the ground and I don't think that the chicks are going to find it easy to get up and down from them. I'm already worried about one of them falling out.********

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