Saturday, February 21, 2009

would if i could

A friend of mine, Mandi (I've mentioned her before), had a screen shot of her Etsy sign in page that said, "longwinterfarm you have 50 items to leave feedback for." Those are some hefty and impressive numbers!
I am proud to say that before yesterday ended my sign in said "mountainhomequilts you have 1 item to leave feedback for." I wish my "print screen" button worked or that I had some clue as to how to put a picture of it here on my blog, but I don't. Guess I'm not that computer literate! Anyway, one sale on my first day back was FABULOUS- it made my day! It made me feel as though I'd never left. So thank you nice customer- I really appreciated it. You made me smile. ♥


Unknown said...

congrats on your Day 1 Sale!

I get screen shots like this:

on your keyboard, to the right of the F12 button (on my laptop it is function/insert button) that says print screen. hit the button & it puts a copy of the screen on your clipboard. then I go into my photo program & start a new project/blank page. and hit paste. then I crop it. lots of steps, but not too hard once you know em all. Hope it works for you too :)

Cheryl said...

woo-hoo! how cool is that? a sale already!

I'm just getting to learn some of these tricks too... we'll get it! I keep trying to capture treasury shots but the screen is always cut off. I did it once but couldn't tell you how at this moment... forgotten already! it was a lot of steps.

Ramblin Mama said...

Thanks for posing the question that gave some answers through the coments. I, too, can now do a screen shot! I wondered how that was done! Congratulations on the sale! Feels good, doesn't it?

Unknown said...

Great job on the sale! I will spread the word on your business...didn't know you were so talented in the quilting world! Can't wait to read more about you and the family!
Miss you,

Mountain Home Quilts said...

I miss you too! :)

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