Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that all of you have a terrific Thanksgiving week! We are going to be leaving Wednesday morning to head south to my parents home for the holiday. We won't be coming back until Sunday so there will be no Wordless Wednesday or Friday Features this week. Both of my little kids are sick with colds as am I. The 8 hour car trip should be fun.

On the bright side, I have one quilt that is nearing completion, one top that is almost complete as well and one top that is halfway done. Why does my quilting always go in spurts? Do any of you have that same problem with your creating? I have a dry spell where I don't get a new quilt in my shop for a month and a half and then I list 3! I think it has something to do with having a hard time staying on task. I may start one quilt top but then start another, and another, and another. Then it just takes forever to get them all done! The only quilt top that I don't have any type of rush on is ANOTHER one that I am doing for the babies. The fabric is from Moda's Timber Creek Flannels (see below) and is soooooo soft and sooooooo warm. Plus, it matches the theme of their bedroom perfectly!

I hope that all of you enjoy your turkey day this Thursday! Eat tons of yams (my favorite) for me!

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