Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Night Features

Here are some more great ideas for gifts this year! Something for everyone- your mom, your aunt, the kids, the business man in your life.....

Table Runner from Cache Creek Quilts, $35.00

Spinning Tops from Sleeping Forest, $18.00

Upcycled Christmas Tree Ornament Set from So So Rosey, $12.00

Christmas Wreath from Dancing Circle, $43.00

Red Clutch Purse from Portemone, $65.00

Green berry bowl from Vessels and Wares, $36.00

Business Card Case from Keykalou, $18.00


Jennie said...

Why thank you so very much for featuring my ornament set here! You have a lovely blog, and have found some awesome items to share! Happy holidays to you and yours :)

Quilting Cafe said...

these are very nice choices

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