Friday, December 20, 2013

Some Good Things

Lately I've been finding some pretty good things over at Nourishing Days.
First, let's start with this apple pie.
It's gluten free and honey sweetened.
Now I know, for those of you who aren't gluten free or sugar free, your initial response goes something like this, "Um, no. I'm pretty happy with my sugar filled, wheat crusted, delicious pie, thank you very much."
And that would have been my response too, just 6 months ago. After all, if you have something that works, why change it? But since going (almost) gluten free thanks to this, I have found that I actually enjoy being gluten free. There are some wonderful recipes out there that taste phenomenal and are actually easier on your body.
So really, if you have the chance, try this recipe.
It will knock your socks off. Not only will you only eat apple pie like this for the rest of your life (and your body will thank you with each bite) but you'll decide that the amazing crust recipe must go into the family book to be used for all future pies as well.
My second good thing found over at Shannon's blog are these.
Even if you're not off-grid and you just want to have a few reliable, battery free flashlights around, for when the power goes out....or when the power grid finally fails...ya know, whatever reason, then these little gems are great.

While these are great for indoor/outdoor regular flashlight use, they also work well for general room lighting when stood up on the flat end, with the light facing the ceiling.
I charge ours on our windowsill and haven't had a problem with them yet. Plus, they are reasonably priced. I like that. You can read Shannon's review of them here.
A few more good things...
{Clearing brush and burning it}
                      {A brother and sister on a tree daddy fell}                     

 {A seven year old boy with a torch. Wait, is that a good thing?!}
And a 7th birthday celebrated.
{A Filson hat just like daddy's}

(Sorry for the low light but my phone camera and oil lamps don't make for great photos. Oh, and by the way... yes, Shannon's pie was so good that I not only made it for a church function, but also for Layton's birthday!)

Last but not least....

I got this idea from Tonya over at Plain and Joyful Living. We had no where to hang our stockings this year and I haven't yet put anything up on our walls, so this fit perfectly. Thanks for the inspiration, Tonya!


Sewing Mom said...

Looks like things are going well and you're getting settled! I was watching a show weeks ago on Create - the free PBS channel we get, and they were using old wood to remake a mind is drawing a blank now, but it was so beautiful. It's amazing what you can do with what you have. =)

God bless and Merry Christmas!

Alicia Charmbury said...

I love the natural/nature idea for hanging the stockings.

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