Thursday, June 6, 2013

Quilty Barn Along ~ Barn #7

Barn #7, you say. What happened to #6? Did I miss it somehow?
No, I'm just (again) behind on the barns and I wasn't a huge fan of the sunflower block on barn #6. So that means that I get to make my own block for that barn...which, I have....not....done....yet. Phew. Who knew it would be so much work to build a dozen barns? ;)
So, here is my barn #7, just finished today.
Now I've got to get onto barn #8 and then still figure out barn #6.
Wish me luck!


Preciouspeas said...

How cute to change up your barn doors with the blue fabric! I love your pin wheels too. I'm looking forward to seeing the next ones!

Sewing Mom said...

I had to go back, because I wondered how many blocks I've actually missed! Beautiful.

Gail said...

Is this the quilt you wrote me about in the letter? I love it! Blessings to you my very dear friend!

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