Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Great Charm Pack Sale!

There is a great sale going on right now at Craft Town Fabrics. They have a ton on wonderful charm packs on sale and if you enter the code "charms" at check out you'll get an extra 20% off!

They have....
Indigo Crossing
Welcome to Bear Country
Over the Rainbow Batiks
Audras Iris Garden
Snap Pop
Lots of Christmas charm packs
and a bunch of Kona Solid charm packs!
And more that I didn't even list!! Click here to see all of their charm packs. Enjoy!

And while you're at it, check out this giveaway too.


Sewing Mom said...

Thank you for the temptation! =) heading to check it out....

Cathrine said...

Hey. I am kind of new to this quilting thing :) But I love it!!! I was planning on buying some charm packs, but I was wondering what are all the things you need to make a complete Quilt? How many packs do I need, and do I need to buy Fabric to go around the patches, what additional package do I buy? If you could answer it would be great! :)

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Hi Catherine!
As a beginner quilter, this is what I would recommend you have to make a quilt: A pattern, the fabrics you need for that pattern, a rotary cutter and mat, some quilting rulers such as those from Omnigrid, thread and batting for the quilt. Sewing machine optional! :) You can hand sew the top if you'd like.

The amount of packs you need depend on the size quilt you're going to make. Generally, Moda puts 42 5" charm squares in each pack. Check the description in the listing though because sometimes there are less. For a baby quilt you'll need 1-2 charm packs. The number of charm packs also depends on how much you're cutting them up. The more you cut, the more seams you'll have and the more the quilt will shrink.

Think that with 42 squares in a quilt (that is 6 squares across by 7 squares down) your finished top will only measure apx. 27.5" x 32". That's pretty small but a good place to start if you're just starting out.

You could buy extra yardage of a coordinating fabric to either put a sashing in between the blocks or just to border the whole top. That would make your quilt larger without a lot more work.

The Missouri Star Quilt Company (you can Google that) has lots of pre-cut fabrics along with a bunch of WONDERFUL tutorials on their YouTube page, which you can access directly from their website. Jenny does a great job of taking you step by step through the process!

I hope that some of that information helps you out. If you have any other questions you can leave another comment here or you can email me directly at
I'll be glad to help you out in any way that I can. :)

Cathrine said...

Hallo :) Thanku wery much for your answer. Where at great help :)

I had another question if you want to answer :)
Where do I find good informasion to how to Quilt my Quilts. Do you do it by free-motion or do you follow a pattern by some books or videos? I have watched some videos on Youtube, but haven't quite figured it out. Should i just do it by free-motion maube?

I have bought a good sewing machine who I can quilt with :)

From Cathrine. From Norway by the way, thats why I probably have some spelling mistakes :)

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