Saturday, December 10, 2011

IndoctriNation: A Review

My husband and I watched the documentary "IndoctriNation" by Colin Gunn the other night. We were blown away. And we're already homeschoolers!

Here's a quick synopsis of the film- Mr. Gunn and his family load up onto a used school bus they found on Craigslist and take off traveling around America to learn about the origin and history of compulsory schooling, as well as talk to pastors, educators, authors, students and parents about public schooling.

I loved the array of people that are interviewed in this documentary. People like Ken Ham, Doug Phillips, Erwin Lutzer, and John Taylor Gatto (who as far as I know isn't even a professed Christian.)
This documentary shares verse after verse, far beyond Deuteronomy 6:4-7, to give Biblical reasoning for educating your children at home.
It also has some surprising twists (well, surprising to me at least.)

What we enjoyed the most from this film was not that it convinced us to homeschool, since we've already been convicted to do so, but that it made me rethink the way I homeschool in general. Why am I comparing my children to the children in schools? Who's standards am I trying to measure up to?

This film is also highly encouraging. It reaffirms your entire reasoning for homeschooling. I am so thankful that I purchased it as we can now watch it as often as we'd please.
I would encourage all Christian families to watch this film and then pray about what the Lord would have you to do with your children.

Here is the movie trailer:


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

I don't have kids, but a lot of my friends do have kids. Most of them are homeschooled. It's something that crossed my mind before I watched the video on your post today. If I ever have kids, I'd like to educate them at home. You are right, though, that parents need to carefully pray about this before making a decision :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

Unknown said...

Really looking forward to seeing this documentary!! No doubt it will be every bit as good as you say :) Think I'll pop over to Puritan Picks & see if they have it available yet!

Unknown said...

Yea! They did! I put it in the top of my queue and I can't wait to see it- thanks for the reminder :)

Unknown said...

I saw this on VF's site and want to see it sometime. Glad to hear your review of it. I've taught in public schools, private schools, and homeschool and it has taken me over 21 years of educating others/my own children to "decolonize" my mind (as Michael Bunker would say). I can't begin to tell you the freedom and joy there is in this! My only caveat to homeschoolers (and I'm one myself) is to give it your best (Col. 3:17, 23), but I find that most homeschoolers are already very passionate about excellence in education!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could borrow this somewhere...I"m sure the local library won't have it available ever. =(

I have thought about homeschooling my children a lot. However, there's a Christian school that is part of the organization we live/work for, and we worry about 'issues'. I also fear that I'd be inadequate as a teacher...and don't want to disadvantage my children. I have not given up on the thought and various issues that come up every year make me consider it often.

I would like to see this will have to see if I can find a copy somewhere. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

My kids are already grown and gone, now they have kids and 3 are out of school..4 are still in...I think what you're doing is really wonderful.....makes for a Better America...Christmas is a time for sharing...thank you..Mel's Designs

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the review-I've been wanted to see this!

Renata said...

I know we live in Australia, but you could almost substitute Australia when it says America (except they still have scripture classes in most public schools). I loved this review & clip & would love to see the movie.
One reason we began homeschooling was because we didn't want people who's lifestyle & values & standards that differ so very much from our own to spend 8 hours a day with our precious children. How can the child not pick up some of their teachers' ideas? I could write a post on it :)
Have a wonderful week

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased to see this movie making its way through "blog land". First and foremost because of its message and secondly because my husband Joaquin Fernandez, co-wrote, produced and directed it along with Colin Gunn. I agree that everyone, homeschooling or not, should watch this movie, especially Christians. There are many across the United States who share your sentiment and are putting together showings in their churches, cities and towns. Some men in our church hosted a showing at a local theater in our community. My husband promoted it through a radio talk show and we opened it up to all who would come, free of charge. We had a great turnout!

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