Thursday, August 18, 2011

the busiest time of the year

The end of summer. Fall. It's the busiest time around here- even putting spring to shame. Harvesting the garden is busier, in my opinion, than planting it. I spent an hour and a half yesterday harvesting green beans alone. Then I spent another couple of hours snapping, filling jars and canning. With the help of my trusty homemaker in training, my daughter.

But it's just not the garden, it's getting ready for the school year, putting together our daily schedule, making sure that I have all the curriculum that I need. And what's more? Hunting season has already begun! Well, bow season at least. And in just 4 more weeks, rifle season opens.

I'm also feeling nesty lately. No, I'm not pregnant....although I would love to be. Maybe it's the other baby we have around here now....

Meet Miss Oakley. She's a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) and she's 12 weeks old. She likes squeaky toys, chewing on anything and brief walks. She's loyal to her family and loves lying around.

I haven't had a puppy in over 12 years. All the work though is now coming back to me. While I'm still loving her puppy breath, all the loose skin, and the way her ears flop around while she runs, I'll be happy when the housebreaking, chewing on the furniture (good thing it's all second hand) stage is over.

Ah summer, I'm glad you're still here for a little while longer. A few more trips to the river, a few more BBQ's, I'm going to hold onto as much sunshine as I can now because I know the rain will be here all too soon!

What's your busiest season where you live?


Unknown said...

Same as you...end of summer. May be why I haven't posted to my blog since the end of June. :) CRAZY busy here...almost wishing school would start so life could slow down. :) ALMOST....not ready for that either.

Just One said...

I think this is only the second cane corso I've ever seen. The first is my daughter's family dog, which they got in Italy when her husband was stationed there for 3 years. Her name is Puzza (poot-zah) which means stinky in Italian. She is 5 now, same age as their oldest son. She is VERY laid back with the children and is perfectly yard trained. Wish my own mutt was! Here is a link to her not well updated blog - it was mostly for while they were away from home.

Kim said...

Your beans look great! Mine have only just started to flower, so I may have to buy some to can. :( Miss Oakley is gorgeous! What a nice addition to the family!

Joy said...

I love seeing your canned goods! They look beautiful! We've been so busy here, too. Mostly getting ready for a new school year to start.

I've been working on our fall meal plan and revising our chore plan.

Have fun with your new puppy! :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful beans, beautiful pooch, and beautiful baby!

Enjoy the busy season and the satisfaction of putting up so many goodies for the winter.... I envy your beans. Mine are flowering but there just aren't any beans! I'm feeling right now like I want to scrap all of this heirloom business and get some hybrids next year so I'm not spinning my wheels on fruitless plants!! GRRR!!!!

goatldi said...

Veggies look great! Spring is without doubt the busiest for me. Since that is when the bulk of my does kid. Thank goodness it doesn't crash with canning season or I may loose my mind!

Love the pup! We got an English Setter pup about 21 months ago at 3 months. Not our first English by a stretch but the first pup in six years. Ari is full of energy and love and she loves going with her "Dad" to Lake Mendocino every day for a good swim.

She has calmed down a bit since puppy hood which is a good thing when one has , um, mature parents ;-)

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Quinn, I planted Black Valentine Bush Beans this year (the only heirloom variety I planted) and they're doing really well! Not as well as my other organic ones but still, I'm impressed. :)

Amanda said...


Yes,summer is the busiest time for us too.

I love that your family hunts so much to store up for the wunter.
we do too:)

Bonnie K said...

Wonderful puppy! Also I was happy to hear somebody else was celebrating the begining of bow season. I have and elk tag! So excited.

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