Monday, September 20, 2010

Here's the thing...

Quilting 101 isn't quite going as planned. (Remember my post about my best laid plans not always working out?) So I've decided that instead of stressing over it every day I'm just going to extend it to the entire fall season. That way I'm not limited just to September, since it seems to be slipping away too fast. And since my last poll showed that quite a few readers are experienced quilters, I may just be preaching to the choir here. But for those of you who are wanting to learn, I'll be sharing a few easy techniques. Is there anything is particular anyone is wanting to learn more about?
I actually pulled out some rows of blocks, that I already have sewn, to try and work on this week. They just need to be sewn together, a border put on and then the top is ready for quilting. But I do have a baby quilt looming over my head like an anvil (yes, it's the one you're thinking of Mom) that I need to do as well.
Although it is supposed to be sunny today, we have had a ton of rain the past 3 days which has pretty much annihilated the garden. Mold, popped tomatoes, fallen sunflowers, you get the picture. I tried yesterday to save as much produce as I could. When I came in the house Wyatt said, "Mom, you're soaking wet!" Yes, but I had to save my produce!! How has your weather been?
Today I'll be canning tomatoes and trying to figure out something other than grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner. Hubby is hunting and the pressure of not having to make a huge dinner is off. He'll be back soon though and I'm sure the kids will appreciate a better dinner!
So that's my quick update. Sorry for a no picture post. Those aren't much fun.


Unknown said...

We have had a lot of rain this past week as well...heavy rains over the weekend. My tomatoes will NEVER get ripe at this rate. :) The tomatoes that did ripen split because of all of the sudden rain. Oh well. Praying your husband has great success hunting! Mine will be heading out in a couple of weeks. Can't wait to have the meat in the's looking rather bare!

Sue from Ky. said...

Heather,I learned early on, not to say a whole lot about quilting on my blog. I make it very clear. I am not a quilter. I simply like to make a few quilts now and then. The end product usually pleases me and I'm O K with that. I don't have the patience or knowledge to quilt in the manner most of these ladies do,but I do enjoy seeing what others are doing.
Our garden was a bust this season,too. Thank God for the Amish folks all around us. They have been a Godsend this time on produce.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,
I know what I'd like to get better at when it comes to quilting.......... binding. More specifically, sewing the corners when I'm doing the binding. Mine never turn out quite right.
I'd like to see a tutorial showing how you do it.

This season is so busy, isn't it? I guess all the seasons are when you have kids, garden, home, hubby, etc. ha ha
hopefully you'll have some fresh meat in the freezer soon. My boys just completed their hunter safety class a few weeks back and are anxious to get hunting. But with football practice and games, it's so hard to find the time.
my dad leaves on friday for canada. he's going on a moose hunt, so i'm really hoping to get some moose meat to try out.

The tomatoes have gone bust in my garden too. Lindsey and I picked a few cherry tomatoes yesterday. Most of them have split wide open though.
Even my zucchinis are rotting with all the recent rain.
looks like the end of the garden season is upon us.

Have a great day! God bless you, my friend!

Kim said...

We're getting the rain too~my garden is green again, or is it still? since we didn't really get much from it. At least it cannot mock me anymore!

I love to quilt, but am a novice. How do you finish yours? Do you machine quilt the top, handstitch or just tie? I haven't figured out how to machine quilt with my Brother, but I know others do it!

Stay dry!

Anonymous said...

I'd love some info on free motion...stippling? whatever they call it...

I know, it's sad...I want to quilt, have some fabric to get started, just haven't done so yet.

so I need to know if it's better just to take it to a shop and have them do the work, or is there a way to do it yourself on a larger piece?

Thanks. =)

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Awesome! I'll certainly do a binding tutorial and I will make sure to really focus on the corners!
Stippling? Yep, I'll cover that too! And I'll go over the other ways to quilt a quilt.
Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who's garden just got ruined :)

Catsngrams said...

I have been trying to machine quilt on my brother but I am finding it too stressful. I really wish there was an easier way. I do not have the money to send them to the quilters and that is so sad. Too bad long arms are so expensive. Thanks for all the knowledge you have shared.

Leslie said...

no pressure!! enjoy your canning. we have had pretty dry weather.

Brenda said...

My parents have helped me to accumulate a huge stash of new and vintage fabrics. I am determined to make a quilt by myself. I look forward to any and all info on the subject. I think it is a wonderful subject for the fall and all winter long!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Life. It's what happens when we're busy living! -smile-
Be easy on yourself; the entire world stands ready to kick you in the nether region. Don't be the first in line.

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