Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's a blessing!

My sweet husband bought me the Homestead Blessings pack of videos for Mother's Day and I love them! If you love homesteading and have the basic skills down, then these videos are great for you. My personal favorites so far are the Art of Gardening, the Art of Herbs and the Art of Bread Making. This is the first year that I designated a place in the garden for just herbs and the herb video was super encouraging!
I got an email this morning sharing that the entire series is on sale now! 10 videos for $99. The set includes the newest video, the Art of Quilting. My set did not include that video but I think I can pass on that one, I've got a couple quilts under my belt. *wink*

I'm not affiliated with this company at all but I just wanted to share the blessing that it has been to me and hope that it would be the same for you!


Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said...

I'm so glad you got them. What a sweetie your honey is! Thanks for passing on the info about the sale.

Cindy said...

It sure is wonderful when you find a good resource. Thanks for sharing.... you don't appear to need the quilting one.

Thanks for the good pictures and descriptions of rendering lard. We have pigs and I guess I'll be doing the same thing this fall.

Amy said...

You lucky lady!! I am drooling over that set. I definitely will be getting it since the price is so awesome. Hope it's still on sale by next pay day.

I'm a long time quilter, too...but still will be thrilled to watch the quilting one...just love those West ladies!

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