Monday, August 17, 2009

what now brown cow?

I'm just getting over being sick with a cold. I guess that I'm not really over it, but surely better than I was this weekend. I was pretty much down for the count Saturday and Sunday and my absolutely AMAZING husband stepped right in and took care of all 3 kids for me! Thank you honey- you're the best! :)
But today is Monday, so it's back to work for Gavin and for me. The kids and I picked blackberries this morning and so I've spent part of the afternoon making canned pie filling. I am so grateful that none of our children have been born during canning season. Yes, I've been pregnant for the past 3 seasons (I think, wait, I've lost count now......) but I haven't actually had a newborn to care for during. It feels as though I do nothing but can all day. I know that's not entirely true but sometimes it sure does feel that way. I did 13 more jars of corn this weekend and just finished up 4 jars of the pie filling. Now I'm ready for my nap (yeah right, as if moms get to nap.) At least there was some instant gratification today- I pressed watermelon juice....mmmmmmmmmmm

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Nancy said...

You are such a great mom for still making that watermelon juice after everything else you do. I must admit that I've never heard of watermelon juice! Is it tasty??


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