Thursday, January 8, 2009

Out of Doors Fun

Layton and I can get into all kinds of mischief while Timber is taking her naps. We had fun yesterday afternoon, in the mud, at the bird bath, pretending to roll grass seed, etc. Here are a few pictures to prove it. Oh, and I had to add a cute one of Timber from a few days before just cause she's so stinkin' adorable!

So cute and innocent looking........

Mmmmmmmmmm, mud

Did you see this stuff?

It's all over mama! I need a hose!

The calm, unsuspecting bird bath....

Terrorized by a 2 year old

Keep on rollin'

The girls.... if they don't start laying again soon they're history!

There's that sweetie!

Hope you all enjoyed those! Also, don't forget to enter my fabric scrap giveaway- it's two blog entries down!


April Bourgois said...

Boy those are some cuties... the kidaroos too! Just kidding. You made some adorable kids!!!!

Don't chickens quit laying in cold weather?

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Well, no they don't. At least not here. It doesn't get that cold usually. Our normal temp in the winter is in the low 50's- although we surely can get colder. It actually has to do with the amount of day light. We do get a lot of rain and with the shorter days it makes for chickens that don't want to lay eggs! :) I could put a light on them but it would take way too much time and effort to get power way out back to their coop. I'll just have to look forward to the spring when they start again I guess.

Unknown said...

Great pics! Love the cartoon strip approach to telling your story too :)

Poor Timber, sleeps through all the fun!

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