Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Beyond You

Have you ever thought that buying organic meats and produce goes beyond you? The thought was in my head this morning when I thought of all the folks who simply don't buy organic because they don't know anything about it.

When you say "organic" the only thing that comes to their mind is "more expensive." But do you know that sometimes it's not? Have you really compared, or do you just "think" it is? And while we're touching on the subject of "expense," what expense do you think your children or grandchildren are going to pay for a more polluted earth just so that you could save a few cents on buying, for example, the regular celery instead of the organic celery? What are their lives going to be like in the future? Do you consider that? Or do you just think about the here and now and what is best for you? Buying organic not only makes for a healthier body but makes for a healthier earth, which is a legacy that I personally would like to leave behind to my children and my grandchildren and all of their children.

I frequently find that I can get organic produce at a completely reasonable cost if I just do a little searching. Our local health food store regularly carries organic produce at amazing low prices. It continually rivals Safeway's non-organic produce. I'm not saying that ALL organic produce can be found for a reasonable price. I frequently struggle with getting organic broccoli in the winter from the store that is not more than $2.00/lb. It has been known to be up to $4.00/lb in our area- which is just ridiculous. I now grow a winter hardy broccoli in our winter garden just because of this. But for those of you who don't have the room for a garden, you can then choose other seasonal produce that would not carry such a high price tag.

So please take a moment to think about it. Think about your health, the health of your children and their children. Think about leaving the world a little better than it is now. Look into it for yourself, do a little research, shop around. See what you can find. And for the love of Pete, GO ORGANIC! :)


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